Star Wars Episode VII Release Date

It’s official, Star Wars Episode VII now has a release date:  December 18, 2015.  This will be the first Star Wars film to be released in a month other than May.

Last year, fans were treated to the news that a new trilogy will be produced under Lucasfilm’s new parent company Disney.  Many fans were wary of the announcement after the prequel trilogy was released in the early 2000s.  Fans were disappointed by the deviation from the original movies’ use of models in favor for CGI and lots of green screen.  J.J. Abrams, the director and screenwriter of the new trilogy, has stated that he wants to go back to the use of models like the original films.

I am personally really excited about the new movies.  Star Wars is one of my all-time favorite movie series so I am open to having some new movies.  I already have a date set with my friends to go see it!



2 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode VII Release Date

  1. tmh006 says:

    I personally am excited for this new trilogy as well! I think it will be interesting to see the new Star Wars movies with improved graphics!

  2. sbarnhart says:

    I, personally, love Star Wars, and I can’t wait for the new movies!

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