No More Grammar Nazis?

Have you ever posted a status on Facebook that receives multiple comments right away?  Was you post actually thought provoking or did it have a spelling or grammatical error in it?  Most likely the latter.  Now Facebook is giving you the means to stop those grammar trolls from feeling superior.

In the newest update for the Facebook Android App users can now edit their posts in-app.  You just have to click the arrow and “Edit Post” will be an option in the drop down menu.  This feature will also be available for Apple Apps in the next update.

But what if this power is used for evil instead of good?  “A user could conceivably write, ‘Who likes ice cream?’ and get hundreds of Likes and affirming comments, then edit the post to read, ‘Who wants to beat up some cats?’”  Facebook confirmed that users will be able to access the history of edited posts a la Google+.

Facebook has slowly been allowing users to edit more and more items on the site such as editing comments.  What’s next for the Social Network giant?  Maybe customizable profile backgrounds similar to Myspace?  Hopefully not.

Source: Mashable


One thought on “No More Grammar Nazis?

  1. curly111494 says:

    Well if it will stop the grammar Nazis I say go for it!

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